About Our Opal

Sterling Opal is hand crafted in our lab in Phoenix, Arizona. Sterling Opal is a synthetic gemstone that combines the play of color and distinctiveness of genuine opal with the economic pricing of synthetic opal.

All color in Sterling Opal is the result of Bragg diffraction of visible light as occurs in natural opal. Furthermore, because our processes mimic nature, most pieces of opal have a diversity of color and depending on the angle of the light the opal will change color. No dye is used in Sterling Opal to produce, change or enhance color.

We are able to settle large batches of opal that will all have a similar look but each piece of opal is unique. Sterling Opal is grown mainly in 1½” x 2” squares in lots of approximately 4.5 to 5 kilos. This enables jewelry manufacturers and designers to create many pieces of jewelry that have a similar look yet each piece will be unique. It is the unique look and the brilliant play of color that sets Sterling Opal apart from any other lab grown opal.